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We proudly announce SDM Series - ATEX certified Liquid Filling Machines.

atex certificate          iso 9001 belgeli
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The new Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter TKLWF series which broadens the range of LAUMAS transmitters, is equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, which allows wireless connection. Continue >>
bfm iso9001
ISO 9001
BFM completed ISO 9001:2008 quality management process and successfully passed certification audit.   Continue >>
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BFM Sport Club
BFM Sport Club was opened! Fencing coaches that have over 30 years of experience are become impatient to teach you how to fence! Continue >>
WIN 2016 Fuarı Bfm
BFM attends WIN 2016 Automation Fair!
WIN Automation Fair is the most significant industrial fair that newest innovations exhibited and organized every year for 22 years. BFM attends WIN Automation Fair again like last year!
RS485 (Modbus RTU)/fieldbus transmission of the divisions for the 8 independent reading channels. TEST key: direct access to the diagnostic functions with graphically display of the current load distribution on each active channel with archive backups: storing, retrieving, printing.  TLM8 series Continue >>
tesis çalıştırma ve proses kontrolleri
In 12-01-2016 Operating facility and process control instructions and certificate were given to operators due to watercolour facility that we built for ANADOLU GROUP's biggest foundation ADEL KALEMCİLİK-FABER CASTELL. Continue >>
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