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The scales are used under the silos, enterence/exit of the factories and used as scales for raw materials of sale and purchasing. Electronic scales save the weighing program and results confidently in the system. The weighing program tracking to the costumers, materials, daily, monthly and in two time period informations. At the end of each weighing process obtain full and reliable results with written weighing slip out.If desired, It can be connected to a computer system. Our companyWeighbridge  approved in Europe andisCE certified products,8-9-10-12-14-16-18 meter in size, is produced in40-50-60-80-100tonnes.Meters and tonnage based onchangingloadcell units are producedas4-6and 8pcs.

The truck weighing system has a PC and printer. Platform length is 16m, width is 3m. We have two types truck scale, above ground and pit type. System has 8pcs loadcells under the platform. These loadcells can be variable accordance to the request but the most usefull and common spesifications are below.

- Stainless steel construction

- Hermetically welded and sealed to IP68

- In built surge arrestors for lightning protection

- Self-centering column design with anti rotatipn pin

- 4000 divisions OIML R60 Class C

- Accordance the request loadcell can be digital


IT8000E TRUCK/ONLINE is a weighing terminal for truck scale applications providing an economical and user-friendly weigh station.

The compact and robust construction in stainless steel (IP65) allows the use under difficult operating conditions. The terminal is desk or wall mounted..

Fast and simple operation
An intelligent program with clear operator prompting ensures fast and error-free operation. Weight and associated data are fully captured and documented on a weigh- ticket.

The weighticket contains date, time, vehicle registration-No., first and second weights and net weight, product-No. and additional data.

Because of Weights and Measures approved storage of the first weighing, the weighticket is only printed when the truck returns for the second weighing.

This simplifies and speeds up the transaction. The print format can easily be adapted to existing formats.

Data files
Storage and maintenance product and vehicle data.

ONLINE operation
In ONLINE mode operation is PC-controlled. The terminal captures the weights and stores them in a W&M approved data archive.

Control of two traffic lights, data transmission to host system, remote display, card reader or transponder system.                                                      




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