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 Equal arm balanced scales have been used for weighing process for many years.Most of weighing components can measure weight. As you know floor scale is the one of them. In spite of weighbridges are small scaled components, floor scales are big scaled devices.

Nowadays scaling is key factor in production industries. So weighing devices highly preffered in many industries. Floor scale can weight between 150 - 600 kgs. Also truck scales which can weight bigger weights generally used in industries. Truck scales mostly used in logistics. 

BFM Makina serves and gives solutions about industrial weights and automation systems especially in chemical, plastic and food industries. BFM Makina improves himself continuously by following up to date technology and having very dynamic composition.

BFM also aims for customer satisfaction by providing advising process after sale. You can check production pages for detailed information.

You can fill contact form in contact page for floor scale prices and more information.

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