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Loadcell Uygulamaları

Did you ever noticed how scaling process work or how lifts can detect weights? Nowadays there are too many different ways to be used in scaling process'. Most oldest methods are equal arm balanced scales and spring balanced scales. Load cell applications can measure by using electrical signals. Mostly load cells are using for measure force from electric signals. Strain gauge load cells are most commony type of load cells that used in load cell applications. Load cells usually consists of four strain gauges. Load cell applications have resistance to high temperature and corrosion. High resistant load cell applications mostly used in iron stell industies.

Load cell applications are most important element in load cell weighing systems. These applications provide us to weighing all amount of weights like yoghurt, human, car, ship, food silo, tank etc. There are different and various methods for each kind of applications. Although all of these methods includes load cells.

BFM Makina Otomasyon provides industrial weighing systems that highly preffered in food, chemical, plastic industries. You can find various products in BFM product portfolio. That will provide you time saving. As you know industrial weighing machines grant us easy,safe and fast production. BFM Makina Otomasyon improves his vision by using up-to-date technologies. Also cares customer satisfaction after sale. 

BFM Makina Otomasyon provides load cell weighing system production. As we mentioned early, load cell applications ar one of the main part of load cell weighing systems. Also BFM can provide mountin accessory products for some product models. 

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Loadcell Uygulamaları doldurabilirsiniz.

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