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Checkweigher machines has a system  what is weighing the products during the transition in prodction line, classifying products according to predetermined weight and variety or rejecting the products according to the classification. Automatic checkweigher systems weights the %100 of products on the production line and provide %100 of production datas. These are; production numbers, lot tracking, total weight, normal weight and rejected weight.


The weight check is started via a scale mounted photo-electric cell or after exceeding a preset weight threshold.
Operation can be dynamic or in start/stop mode, allowing for settling of the scale.
Weight deviation from target and standard deviation or mean weight is displayed on the color screen.

Over- and underweight can be rejected via control signal outputs.

The checkweighing results are captured in a statistics file and may be displayed, printed or transferred to a host computer.

The statistics file contains, for each product, standard deviation, mean value, number of weighings, total weight, etc.

High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT6000E CHECK enables a rapid and precise classification of the product into one of five weight zones.


  • Weighing capacity: 1.500g - Division:2g
  • Dynamic Control: Low - Pass - High
  • LCD graphic display with colored warning
  • Last datas can be stored in memory even of power failure
  • Automatic calibration
  • 100 individual product information can be entered in to memory
  • Counts the products which is passing on the conveyor and display on the screen along with percentage

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